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VMCS President Ron Paradis vmcspresident@vmcs.ca
Vice President Judy Thibault vicepresident@vmcs.ca



Secretary & Board of Directors

Secretary and Membership secretary@vmcs.ca
Joan Thibault ;joanthibault65@gmail.com 
Treasurer- Lori Winn Thibault 
Luc Bedard
Daryl Piper
Gary Westerberg
Andre Poitras
Sherry Parisien


Did you know?

The Tail Tells: You can determine a bison's temperament by its tail: if it's sticking straight up, it's angry and most likely about to charge. But, don't run! Just don't go there!


Contact Information

Ron Paradis

Vancouver Metis Citizens Society
989 Reed Road, Gibsons BC

V0N 1V7

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