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The Vancouver Metis Citizens Society supports Metis Economic development. If you are new in business or exploring avenues to start your own business. The Vancouver Metis Cultural society can assist you in exploring resources that are available.




VMCS promotes Metis Cultural Values


We regularly have cultural events at the Vancouver Metis Citizens Society. If you are a Metis artist or performer, or just wish to get in touch with other Metis artisans, the Vancouver Metis Citizens Society can assist you. All Metis are welcome to the VMCS Cultural events.






VMCS Board of Directors


VMCS Annual General Meeting November 09th 2013 Visit our Blog to download the Poster




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To become a member of the Vancouver Metis Citizens Society enter the membership page. Membership in the VMCS requires you to have your genealogical records as far back as you can go showing your family's Metis Genealogy.



Mission Statement:

The Vancouver Metis Citizens Society collectively will endeavor to develop Metis cultural knowledge, Economic Development education, Metis arts and crafts, programs and services which are relevant to our Metis history and our developing future for our membership and their children.





Metis Cultural Experiences

Metis Student bestowed highest honour by the Bloodtribe

Prairie Post west newspaper article May 14th 2010

Two cultures came together in a spirit of unity in April as the Blood Tribe presented a young Metis college student

with the highest honour they could give her. The headress was the highest honour the Blackfoot people can bestow

upon an individual who is not a member of the band. Download newspaper article

Submitted by VMCS Past President Russ Roy

Did you Know?

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